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Shingle Roof Waterproofing System


Storm Proof or Waterproof your Shingle Roof & Make Your Home Cooler, Too!  Revolutionary New Roof Restoration System gives unmatched protection against Heat, Sun, Wind and Rain, so your home is more secure and comfortable.  Our STORM-PROOF RESTORATION SYSTEM prevented untold damage to shingle roofs in South Florida and in the Bahamas as it stood up to Hurricanes Andrew, Floyd, Charley (change spelling), Frances, Ivan, Jeanne, Katrina, Rita, Wilma and Irene with no storm damage.



The biggest threat to roofs in our Hurricane area is not the torrential downpours, it’s the high winds that violently rip off the roof material & drive rain into the roof substructure causing leaks and destroying the interior contents of your home.

Shingle roofs have been applied here in the South, but they’re easily torn off during low category Hurricanes or even intense Tropical Storms. Billions of dollars have been lost due to blown off roofs, and families have suffered the loss of all their treasured belongings due to the lack of protection a shingle roof gives.

The Expensive Alternative:

Concrete tile roofs have been the choice of wise tropical residents due to the higher wind resistance these roofs provide. But tile roofs often cost 4 or 5 times that of a cheap shingle roof. Concrete tile roofs are more wind resistant, but a moderate hurricane will lift and remove concrete tiles too, exposing your home to severe internal damage and flooding.

The Affordable Alternative:

30 years of coatings knowledge and all the latest chemical advances in coating technology have created an effective, affordable, and beautiful Roof Restoration System that chemically seals and anchors shingle roof to create a STORM-PROOF surface! This bonded surface defies Hurricane Winds and Driving Rain more effectively than any other roof, giving you the safety you need and deserve, proven during Hurricanes Andrew, Floyd, Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne, then Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Irene and even Sandy!

PLUS, along with the tremendous Storm Protection you receive, your roof will be bright white and highly reflective so that your home will be much cooler all day long! You’ll enjoy spending up to 60% less on air conditioning costs while your home is more comfortable even during the hottest summer months. Your air conditioning equipment will work less and will even last longer as a result, giving you another big savings.

A Storm Proof Roof will help pay for itself in electrical savings! 

Easy, 4-Step Application

First Step:

Pressure washing removes all dirt, pollution and biological growth being careful not to blow high pressure water under the shingle flaps. It’s good to remove all loose granules, too.

Second Step:

A thick, rich coat of Therm-X is applied. Therm-X is a heat reducing basecoat containing microscopic insulating ‘thermos bottles’ to dramatically lower the heat transfer to the interior of your home. The highly flexible, Therm-X basecoat chemically bonds to the roof and fills gaps, cracks and voids on the shingles so that you have a smooth, seamless, windproof surface. Now all the shingles are joined to each other, bonded into a one-piece system with no loose “flaps” that could lift up in strong winds. Apply the Therm-X at the rate of 2.5 gallons per 100 square feet of shingle roof surface (3.5 gallons per 100 sf on Architectural Shingles). Apply by pouring the coating at the crown of the roof and dragging it downward with a squeegie. Once the product has filled all the gaps and the excess has been removed, brush out the area with a soft push broom dampened with water.

Third Step:

Roof Seal Premium, a heavy bodied, rubbery white premium roof elastomeric is liberally applied eliminating all possible points of water entry, providing a tough flexible, waterproof barrier to the elements.  Apply the Roof Seal Premium by airless sprayer or roller at the rate of 80 square feet per gallon, making sure to cover the entire roof evenly and completely with no holes or gaps.

Last Step:

An additional coat of Roof Seal Premium is applied to give long lasting toughness and durability with bright white reflective beauty. Apply this coat at 80 square feet per gallon as before.

Now You Have:

A stronger, one-piece, bonded, STORM-PROOF roof that can easily stand up to high winds and driving rain without damage and a roof that keeps out the summer heat, eliminating high A/C bills.

Material Requirements:

(For EACH 1000 square feet of asphalt shingle roof*)

  • Therm-X Basecoat: 25 gallons
  • Roof Seal Premium: 25 gallons

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